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Explore the architecture and food of one of Europe’s most spectacular cities in Vienna. Admire a mix of Gothic, Art Nouveau and modern buildings and look into the cuisine of favourite local restaurants. Experience the many international influences that have contributed to Austrian gastronomy over the years. Taste delicious local dishes, artisan beer and local wine at various trendy locations.

Tour duration 3 hours
Starts daily at 10:00
Suitable for children from 8 year

Includes good ladies or men’s bike
Children bikes are available (seats limited)
Electric bicycle is not available

Including experienced local guide
Our guides speak English, German and Dutch
Lots of photo opportunities during the tour

We aim for a maximum of 15 participants per tour
Minimum number: 2 participants
For larger groups, we naturally use more guides

Tip: this tour can also be booked as a private tour

By bike to craft beer rooms and some of the 600 wineries in Vienna. We’ll take you to the best places to meet new people and get to know Vienna’s trendy scene. Special beer, delicious wine, trendy cocktail and culinary dishes, it’s all here. You’ll have time to enjoy the picturesque streets, beautiful construction works and vibrant urban culture. We’ll take you to an icy lager or creative cocktail in combination with those other unknown peculiarities of the city, a bike ride like no other. Join the urban Tours for a thirsty (and educational) ride!

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